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8th International VIRTUAL Conference of the Cyprus Society of Human Genetics

8th International VIRTUAL Conference of the Cyprus Society of Human Genetics

4 – 5 December 2020

Abstract Submission Form

Submission requirements

To be submitted by the submission deadline stated here. Abstracts whose presenting authors have not registered for the conference by the abstract submission deadline will not be included in the abstract book of the conference. Please, get in touch with us under if you have problems registering for the event on the web site here.

With the submission of this form the submitter certifies that the abstract represents original work with no prior ownership or copyright restrictions. The CSHG is granted the right to publish the submitted information in its conference materials and shall be held harmless from any legal claims of copyright infringement.


This form has the following fields and requires completion in a single session. Fields with an asterisk [*] are required for submission.
To avoid loss of work, have all details ready before beginning submission.

  • Type of submission[*]
  • Funding information
  • Title[*]
  • Abstract[*]
  • Author details[*]
  • Presenting author[*]
  • E-mail address of presenting author[*]
  • Conflict of interest[*]
  • Additional notes

All text should be in either UK or US English. Character limits are given including spaces throughout.

This form does not natively support text formatting. Please, surround characters with corresponding HTML tags to indicate text formatting, as shown below. We apologise for the inconvenience.

<i> text </i>     for italics 
<sup> text </sup> for superscript 
<sub> text </sub> for subscript
<b> text </b>     for bold

Type of Submission[*]

For "Poster or selected student abstract", the presenting author is a student at the time of the conference. If selected, the presenting author of a "Poster or selected (non-)student abstract" would like to given an oral presentation instead of preparing a poster. Each presenting author is granted at most one oral presentation, even if several submitted abstracts are selected for oral presentation.

Funding Information

State funding bodies and specific grant numbers, as applicable, in up to 600 characters.


Provide an abstract title of up to 200 characters and avoid non-standard abbreviations.


Provide an abstract of up to 3000 characters and avoid references and non-standard abbreviations.

Author details[*]

Provide up to 9 author names and affiliations, including the presenting author. Affiliations have a character limit of 200. Additional authors, if any, can be specified in "Additional Notes." Note that the presenting author is further specified in a subsequent section of this form.










Presenting Author[*]

Specify the presenting author. By default and for invalid entries, Author 1 will be cited as presenting author.

E-mail Address of Presenting Author[*]

A valid e-mail address is required for correspondence and inclusion in the conference abstracts. Provide alternative e-mail addresses, if any, in "Additional Notes" below. Character limit is 25.

Conflict of Interest[*]

Disclose commercial and other actual or potential conflicts of interest for any of the authors, numbering them according to the author number above. Character limit is 600.

Additional Notes

Provide additional notes for this submission. These might e.g. be requests for formatting, additional contact details or additional authors and affiliations. Character limit is 1000.


Make sure all entries above are correct and complete before submitting your abstract. If the form stays visible after pressing the button, check the form for possible entry errors.

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