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Dr Harris Stefanou is the Manager of the Clinical Laboratory of NIPD Genetics. He received his BSc in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from the University of Thessaly and subsequently an MSc in Environmental Health from the Cyprus International Institute in association with the Harvard School of Public Health, an MSc in Biomedical Sciences majoring in Immunology from the University of Nicosia and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Cyprus. His doctoral dissertation was entitled “Molecular and Cellular Investigation of Glomerular Filtration Barrier Components in Thin Basement Membrane Nephropathy”, exploring the effects of a mutation found in the COL4A3 gene, causing two different types of kidney diseases: The Alport Syndrome (AS) and the Thin Basement Membrane Nephropathy (TBMN).

Harris Stefanou has over ten years of experience as Laboratory and Quality manager in clinical laboratories providing services in Cyprus and abroad, and extensive knowledge in all aspects of laboratory practice. During his clinical and research practice he employed advanced clinical and molecular techniques and published several peer reviewed articles that were presented in local and international conferences.

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