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CSHG 9th International Conference

Our 9th International Conference of the CSHG will be held on the 17th & 18th of March in the spectacular Learning Resource Center Stelios Ioannou at the University of Cyprus New Campus in Nicosia. This conference will give the Cyprus Human Geneticists Community the opportunity to meet with other scientists from Cyprus and abroad, present their data and to discuss recent advances in the field.

Submit your conference abstract until the extended and final submission deadline of 11th February 2023 (23:59 EET). 

To submit your abstract and qualify for selected oral presentations or poster prizes, go here.


  • Abstract submission has been extended to 11th February 2023 (23:59 EET).
  • Abstracts received after this deadline will not be considered.
  • Abstracts should be submitted in clear English and following the format and content guidelines.
  • Title (max 150 characters including spaces)
  • Authors and affiliations
  • Structured abstract (max 500 words including headings, as specified in the submission form)
  • Indication of topic area(s)
  • Confirmation of originality
  • Corresponding author (contact person)
  • Indication of preference for poster-only presentation


Submissions can be corrected under the same login until the submission deadline by modifying and resubmitting the form.


All abstracts will be reviewed and evaluated by the SEC. Once an abstract is accepted, the SEC will decide based on abstract evaluation and considering the stated preference, which abstracts are selected for oral presentation.

The SEC will be blinded regarding submitting authors and organisations. Make sure that the abstract and title fields do not contain identifying information.

Oral Presentations

Authors of abstracts selected for an oral presentation will be informed about the type and date of the session, and presentation guidelines will be provided.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations will take place at lunchtime on 17th March. Authors of all abstracts will be informed of the selection for a poster presentation and will receive guidelines for their presentation.

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