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Official Certification


Cyprus registered clinical laboratory geneticist (CyrCLG)

The CSGH has undertaken to upgrade our country from Category 3 to Category 1 for countries looking to implement the European titles of European registered Clinical Laboratory Geneticists (ErCLG). While the upgrade will also facilitate the establishment of an equivalent Cypriot title (CyrCLG), it will particularly facilitate receipt of the European title (ErCLG).

Corresponding committees

Committee to establish the CyrCLG Core Curriculum 

  1. Kyproula Chrystodoulou
  2. Carolina Sismani
  3. Andreas Hadjisavvas
  4. Anthi Drousiotou

Subcommittees establishing education programs for specific categories

One person from each subcommittee is also a member of the committee establishing the CyrCLG core curriculum, so as to ensure the uniformity of individual educational programs.

  1. CyrCLG (focus on Molecular Genetics)
    1. Kyproula Chrystodoulou
    2. Thessalia Papasavva
  2. CyrCLG (focus on Biochemical Genetics)
    1. Anthi Drousiotou
    2. Theodoros Georgiou
  3. CyrCLG (focus on Tumorgenetics)
    1. Andreas Hadjisavvas
    2. Maria Loizidou
  4. CyrCLG (focus on Cytogenetics)
    1. Carolina Sismani
    2. Paola Evangelidou
CyrCLG Core Curriculum

The final approved version of the CyrCLG Core Curriculum (with key roles Kyproula Chrystodoulou and Carolina Sismani in its definition) is available here.

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